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Gary Morrison - 404-272-1068 

Director, Cinematographer and Colorist

Gary Morrison specializes in producing visual media (film, video and photos) for non-profits and organizations which serve people in need.  Our typical clients are serving people who need help, such as: poor children in Africa, adults with developmental limitations, the poor, inter-city youth, working people who are struggling to make ends meet, people who are recovering from addiction, just to name a few.  Gary is a member of SMPTE and a licensed remote pilot(required for commercial aerial photograph)


How can we help you? 

We like to help organizations which are serving people in need.  Our approach is simple.  We meet with your team and listen to your story, hear about who you serve, what needs you have in order to serve the people you want to help.


Next, we offer some recommendations which we believe may be helpful for you to achieve your goals and needs.  This may or possibly may not include producing media.  But we try our best to help you. If you need our services, we are here to help.  Our recommendations are free.

Examples of work

Here are a few recent examples of projects we produced.

Client testimonial for a non-profit providing paralysis recovery

Three scenes from the drama, "The Up and Comers"

Testimonial from the leader of a non-profit serving school children in Tanzania

Live event recording of Good Friday event for One Thing For Men

A promotional video for

Live event recording of weekly message for One Thing For Men

A social media promo video for

Color Grading Showreel

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