Video Services

Professional Video Services

We works on a contract basis with other video services professionals to provide our video services expertise for a range of jobs. We can provide professional video services in these areas: (See Below for More Detail): Aerial Video and Photography, Jib (Camera Crane) Services, 30 Foot Camera Rail System, Video Editing Services, Color Grading and Color Correction and Steady Cam Services.

Company Video Services

Video on some aspect of a company. These could include company overview videos, training videos, Instructional videos, product videos, commercials  and more.

Event Video Services

Video of any type of event. These videos  typically take place on location. Some examples of these type events are : weddings, seminars, outdoor events, company presentation, sporting events, music videos, promotional events, fund-raising events.

Promotional Video Services

Morrison Production offers Promotional Video Services to individuals or company’s looking to increase exposure to their events, products or services. By providing high quality video services, we can increase exposure of an individual  company, event, product or service.

Aerial Video and Photography

Morrison Productions can make your project look professional with beautiful 4k aerial footage or photographs.  We have a fleet of drones capable to shoot up to 5.2K CineDNG Raw for stunning aerial footage up to 60p:

Jib (Camera crane) Services

Morrison Productions can make your project look professional with beautiful shots from a jib (camera crane) showing beautiful point of view shots with camera angles ranging from just off the floor to floating over the crowd. Jib shots provide a fantastic professional feel to your projects.

30 foot Camera rail system

Morrison Productions can make your project look professional with beautiful shots from a tripod mounted camera riding on our rail system.  This capability provides the typical Hollywood style shot following your subject in a beautiful  gliding move.  Our rail system is very portable and is up to 30 feet in length.

Video Editting Services

If you need help editing your video and/or photos in a professional manner have  Morrison Productions edit and finish your project.  We can add exciting motion graphics, professional quality titling and provide the look and a feel of a Hollywood production.

Color Grading and Color Correction

Morrison Productions can make your footage look its best with professional quality color grading.  Without it, your footage simply won’t look it’s best.  On multi-camera projects, color grading is necessary to insure the shots match in color, saturation and contrast.  Even on single camera projects shots can be mismatched due to changes in the camera settings, changes in the lighting or other visual aspects of your footage which need enhancement.

Steady Cam Services

Morrison Productions can assist you on video shoots which require a Steady Cam operator.